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Katharine was late!  She knew she would skip her normal morning run today in favor of spending a few more minutes in bed and giving Frankie a ride to the Capitol, but now she would barely have time to get her face on before work.  To make matters worse, she knew her boss would be on her case today.  Yesterday’s meeting with the clients didn’t go well and Katharine would be blamed for her boss’ incompetence.

She looked over at her friend still sleeping on her fold-out couch.  He needed to wake up for work, too, but his shaved head meant he only needed minutes to ready himself for the day.  Besides, he hadn’t gotten any interviews yet.  He would be dropping resumes off at offices he had already researched and targeted.

Katharine quickly brewed a pot of coffee hoping the caffeine would make her day a little less brutal.  The smell woke Francisco from his sleep.  It took him a moment to remember where he was.  He had, unfortunately, become used to waking up in unfamiliar places during college.  It was common to find him walking a girl back to her apartment after a frat party or tying a few more on with buddies after a late night at the bar.  He’d slept over many of those nights and found his way home in the morning.

Today was different.  He needed to look, act, and be his best today.  He downed a cup of Katharine’s coffee before brushing his teeth and washing his face.  Coffee breath could ruin a first impression.

He pulled his suit from the closet and brushed the cat fur from the neatly pressed suit with the lint brush he’d brought with him.  After dressing, he stepped into the shoes he had carefully polished yesterday while his friends were in class.

He was still unsure about which tie he would wear.  He had selected 3 different ties would match his shirt and suit but could not decide which was best.  Would the red tie make him look too eager?  Would the grey tie make him look boring?  Would the blue tie go over well in a Republican office where Berkeley might already make him look too liberal?

He chose the red tie and tied a four-in-hand knot, making sure the tie was straight.

Katharine fed her cat then packed her lunch of two small apples and a yogurt cup into her purse.  The two looked ready to take on the world!

Despite appearances, the couple knew they were ill prepared for what lay ahead.

Francisco knew job hunting would be difficult today.  He had graduated at the wrong time to find a job helping to lead a political campaign, his dream career.  Campaigns had not yet started for the next election cycle and would not for a few more months.   He hoped that, with some luck, he might be able to land an entry-level job in a campaign firm or at least as an assistant in a capitol office.

Katharine knew her day was destined to suck.  Yesterday her overbearing boss had met with a client from the capitol.  The meeting hadn’t gone well.  It was not Katharine’s fault.  Her role in the meeting was clear- simply schedule the meeting, set up the conference room, brew the coffee, and stay the hell out of the way.  Still, she knew she would be walking on eggshells today.

Katherine drove to work and left Francisco off in front of the Capitol Rose Garden.  He didn’t want to arrive before offices opened an hour later.  She wished him the best of luck.

It wasn’t luck he needed, he decided, it was divine intervention.


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