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It’s was Francisco’s professor.  A job!  Finally!  Hope!

The voice message continued, “it might not be exactly what you want, but I think it might be a good one for you.  Call me back and I’ll give you details.”

Francisco called dialed the number as quickly as he could.

“Professor Smith? It’s Frank.”

“Frank!  I’m glad you dropped your resume off today.  I’m having dinner tonight with a friend that mentioned she was looking for an assistant.  If you’re at all interested in the policy side of politics, it’s a strong place to start.  You’d be working for the Governor.”

“That sounds awesome, sir!  Who do I need to talk to? What will I need to do?”

“Leave all that to me.  Are you free to stop by dinner tonight?  I’d like for you to meet her.  Stop by around 7 at Chops.  We will be on the patio.  Have a drink with us, you won’t have to stay for dinner.”

“Sounds like a plan!  Thanks, Professor!”

“See you tonight, Frank.”

It was already nearly 6pm.  Francisco raced to Katharine’s apartment, let himself in and started getting ready.  This was the closest to a job he’d been since graduation and he needed to look perfect—freshly shaven, showered, and in a crisp shirt under his suit.

Katharine made it home just as he was ready to leave.  Unfortunately he didn’t have enough time to tell her about his day or the job lead but promised to tell her when he was back from Chops.

“Let’s meet at 9.  We’ll have a drink, and I’ll tell you all about it.”

It was just a few blocks to Chops.  The bar and steakhouse was across the street from the capitol and featured not only a view of the dome from its patio but TV screens featuring live feeds of committee hearings and floor sessions.  For this reason, the restaurant was a favorite among the capitol crowd.

It was easy for Francisco to spot his former professor sitting in the patio.  He sat across from a tall slender woman wearing a fitted purple dress with a very conservative neckline.  He stood to shake hands with his prized student.

“Frank, please let me introduce Kay Gasson.  She’s the director of the Governor’s Office of Planning and Research and an old friend of mine.”

“I’m very pleased to meet you, Ms. Gasson,” Francsico replied.

Still seated, Kay said in one breath, “Please sit down.  Both of you.  Frank, I understand you’re looking for a job? “

“Yes, ma’am.  I’m fresh out of college and eager to learn all that I can.”

“I’ve read your resume and David has spoken highly of you.  We need a new assistant in my office.  I won’t be able to pay much but we will teach you to do legislative analysis.  We also have a tendency to appoint the assistants into better spots in the administration if they’re a good fit.”

“It sounds like a great opportunity, Frank!” the Senator added.

“When can I start, Ms. Gasson?” Francisco asked.

“Monday morning at 9.  The office opens at 8:30.  We can go over the paperwork then.  You’ll come on as a student assistant for now and will have to keep a time sheet.  We’ll see about getting you appointed as soon as we can.  Then you’ll be able to make a little more money and benefits.”

“Congratulations!” said the Senator.

“Thank you, both!  I can hardly wait to start!”

Francisco was now employed!  He couldn’t wait to tell Katharine.  She would be excited.  He had just enough time to grab a bite on the way back to her place.


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