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Nicole talked Francisco and Katharine into a slightly better state of ease. In fact, Katharine genuinely liked Nicole. The two seemed to have much in common. As it turned out, Nicole and Katharine had similar jobs, both working for political fundraisers, although Nicole’s firm handled mostly Democratic campaigns while Katharine’s had a number of Republican clients.

Francisco was still uncomfortable. Despite having taken another shot of liquid courage, he was still nervous. He’d never been inside a gay bar before. Sure, he’d had a few gay friends in college, but he’d only ever gone to straight bars with them. What if somebody found out?

“There you are! I’ve been looking for you!” said a man as he walked up to Nicole.

In a single moment, any hope for Katharine or Francisco to form a coherent thought flew out the window.

The man was tall, lean, muscular, and wearing nothing but a pair of white briefs with dollar bills hanging out of the waist.

“Albie!” Nicole shrieked. “I want you two to meet my friend, Alberto. He’s one of my favorite people and the hottest gogo boy in town!”

Francisco stood to shake hands. “I’m Frank and this is my friend, Kate.”

“I’ve never seen you here before. You must be new?” The statement was as much an accusation as it was a question. Alberto didn’t mean it quite that way.

Francisco realized he hadn’t let go of Alberto’s hand. He let go and mocked a cough to clear his throat.

“Actually, I just got a new job in town today and haven’t moved here yet.” After a pause, he added, “I’m not gay.”

Alberto was sure it was a lie. “The lady doth protest too much, methinks,” he thought. Alberto found Frank attractive. He had a handsome face and carried himself well. If he was a few pounds overweight, it didn’t bother Alberto any. He decided he wanted to know Francisco, even if he was closeted or straight. He sat down with the trio.

“A new job, eh? What are you doing?” Alberto asked to strike up conversation.

“Honestly, I’m not completely sure. Office assistant for one of the Governor’s offices, I think. It happened really quickly.” Francisco replied. He worried that he might be staring too long at the naked body in front of him.

“Where are you visiting from?”

“Berkeley. That’s where I went to school. I’ve just graduated. Is this what you do for a living?”

“It pays for school. Makes more money than when I bussed tables. And it’s fun! I get to shake my ass and get paid.”

Neither of the men realized when the girls had left them. If the women had announced their departure, it had been completely ignored by the boys who were no entranced in awkward conversation for several more minutes.

“I’ve got to run! My break is up and I’ve got to get into my next costume. Are you sticking around later? We should meet up at midnight when I’m done. I want to get to know you, with clothes on, if that’s alright?”

“Um, sure…I mean, um, you can wear whatever you like.” Alberto’s smile caught Francisco off guard.

As Alberto got up, Francisco got up to see him to the stairs. Alberto turned and hugged his new friend. Francisco, greedily accepted the hug until his self-consciousness set in.

Francisco thought to himself, “How did he know about me?” He sat quickly, fearing that somebody might notice the tenting of his jeans.

The only person in the room who did was walking away in a pair of white briefs unconcerned that his package was more pronounced than it had been all night.


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