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Dangerously Close

Nicole and Katharine walked back from the bar bringing back shots the the foursome.

“Here’s to new friends and old!” Nicole offered as a toast before they swallowed the cheap vodka.

At least, this round had gone down more easily than the ones before. The cheap whiskey they’d shot at the Mercantile Saloon had burned, but that was two bars ago. They were now sitting at a nearly empty dive bar several blocks from where they’d started. All four were drunk.

The bartender called out to the group, “you don’t have to go home, but you can’t stay here! I’ve got to close this place up.”

“Anyone up for some late night eats?” Alberto asked.

“I’m kinda broke,” Francisco responded.

“Maybe we should all go back to my place. It’s only a few blocks from here. We can have a snack and crash there,” Nicole offered.

Francisco and Katharine agreed that the long walk back to her apartment sounded painful at this hour. Besides, neither minded the company or the food.

It took only a few minutes to walk the three short blocks to Nicole’s apartment. She let the group in and they settled on a plate of nachos. The drunken and sleepy conversation was unimportant and unmemorable. The four only remembered the time they spent with their new friends: friends they were certain would remain close for years to come.

Katharine yawned. Nicole led her to her own bedroom and returned with a blanket.

“The sofa folds out into a bed. It should already have sheets. Here’s a blanket in case it’s cold. good night!”

After setting out the bed, Alberto laid down fully clothed.

Francisco laughed, “Dude, you’re not seriously going to sleep fully dressed after dancing naked all night, are you?”

“I just figured you’d be more comfortable if we stayed dressed. I don’t know how you straight guys are.”

“I just think it’s funny, that’s all! I don’t care what you are wearing to bed, but me, I’m taking off my jeans.”

In reality, Francisco was nervous about taking off his own clothes. His dick had betrayed him once tonight, surely, it could happen again. Besides, he’d never been comfortable shirtless next to a flawless body. He feared Alberto might criticize his weight.

Smiling, Alberto stripped his jeans off, revealing the jock strap underneath and his bare ass. He slowly pulled off his t-shirt, baring his abs then chest.

Kneeling on the bed, Francisco set about folding his things so he could wear them in the morning. He wasn’t fooling Alberto, though. The younger man had seen this before: a closeted man pretending to busy himself with work, sneaking peaks at him, and trying to hide his erection.

“Would you mind turning off the light while you’re up?” Alberto asked as he pulled the sheet and blanket over himself.

He watched as Francisco walked across the room in his boxers. “Nice ass!” he thought to himself. Alberto had always liked hairy guys with a little muscle and arms big enough to hold him. Maybe Francisco had a little belly, but he fit the bill perfectly.

Returning to the bed, Francisco slipped under the sheets, catching a glimpse of Alberto’s bare butt as he lifted the sheets. His dick was at full mast, its head was visible peaking out over the waistband of his boxers. He had hoped this might hide his boner a little more effectively than it was.

As soon as he was laying down, Alberto rolled over to face Francisco. Their bodies were dangerously close, each could feel the heat of the others body. Neither pulled away.

“I’m really glad I met you tonight, Frankie.”


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