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Change of Plans

“Let’s all head home, get cleaned up, and meet back around 5 for dinner tonight?” Nicole asked.  It was more an announcement of the plan than a question.

“Let’s do it!” agreed Katharine on behalf of the crowd.  She hadn’t conferred with the boys.

“Sounds good,” both boys mumbled.

The group dropped Alberto off at his dorm near Sac State before leaving Francisco and Katharine off at her midtown apartment.  No sooner had company parted than Francisco decided to change the plan.

“Hon, I’ve really got to get back to Berkeley today and pick some things up so I can be ready for next week.  I hate to cancel plans with the group tonight, but do you think you can explain to Alberto and Nicole?  Could I use your computer to check the train schedule?”

Simultaneously, in another part of town, Alberto called Nicole. He left a voice mail, “I have way too much homework to do and I need to get a start on writing this really huge paper.  I’m going to be a complete ass and cancel on you tonight.  Sorry!”

When Alberto hung up his phone, he had a new text message from Francisco.  “I just canceled on the girls.  Come with me to Berkeley tonight.”

“Sure! When?”

“Pick me up at 5 at the train station.  Told Katharine I’m riding the train.”



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