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Round 1

As soon as Mark and Erik arrived at the Bolt, they met up with the other contestants in the office.  The Emcee for the evening, Lenny Broberg, introduced himself to the five.  Mark was excited to meet him!  The man was a legend!  He had served as International Mister Leather in 1992 and, since then, had been a part of every major leather gathering conceivable.  Tonight he’d introduce him as he walked on stage!

After explaining the schedule for the evening, Lenny wished the contestants luck, then told them to get ready for Round 1: Bar Wear.

The five contestants were basically already dressed in their bar wear.  None of them was wearing a shirt.  Two men wore harnesses and three wore vests.  Mark, against the urging of Erik, had decided to wear a vest with a zipper down the front to cover as much of the bruising as possible.  However, seeing his opponents showing more skin, he wasn’t sure he’d made the right decision.  Either way, his bruises would be seen soon enough.

Through the doors, the contestants could hear the judges being announced.

“All the way from Canada we have Brendan James McGovern, Mr. Ottawa Leather 2009!” Lenny’s voice boomed in the crowded bar.  Mark could hear the cheers from the men in the crowd.

“Whatever Mama say, you best do it.  You better listen to your Mama.  Give a round of applause for Sandy “Mama” Reinhardt!”  The crowd roared.

“Finally, your very own Mister Bolt 2008, Jake Anderson.” The cheering continued.

Mark had a new nervous energy.  He knew he could compete with the other men here.  It was time to go on stage.

“Please welcome to the stage our first contestant, Mark Beauchamp!”  Mark’s new enthusiasm helped him jump to the stage.  He strutted his battered body down the catwalk.  He saw an acquaintance in the front row, leaned close and gave him a deep kiss to rile the crowd.  He immediately regretted the decision when the pain in his side shot through him like a knife.  He grinned through the pain.

Mark was asked his first question, “How would you explain leather sex to a straight, vanilla person?  Basically, how would you explain kinky sex to Sarah Palin?”  The audience laughed at the reference to Palin, giving Mark enough time to formulate the most salient of answers for the drunk audience.

“Who doesn’t love a good fuck?” Mike started. “Everyone has a kink, everyone has a fetish, everyone loves a top, and everyone wants to fuck!”  The crowd cheered at the use of the word fuck.  Drunk men are predictable.

With a final strut, Mark returned backstage to be greeted by Erik.

“Great job, dude!  You looked awesome up there!”

“Dude, I’m dying.  Give me something to stop this pain.  Seriously, anything.”


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