Simple, Obvious, and Wrong is a serialized novel about a group of young adults making the leap from college to career and their stumbles along the way.

The title comes an oft-quoted quip of Mark Twain: “For every problem there is always a solution that is simple, obvious, and wrong.”  Never mind, of course, that most Mark Twain quotes were never uttered by him or were butchered along the way.  This makes this particularly simple quote an obvious choice and, most likely, wrong.

Imagine for a moment, the various trials and tribulations today’s young people have in making the leap from idealistic college student setting out to change the world to successful, contributing member of society.  While the only solution is ultimately to find a way to move forward, it is the inevitable stumbles, wrong turns, and obvious pitfalls that make life interesting.

This story is a work of fiction based on my memory (which, itself, has been fictionalizing these memories for years in an attempt to make things seem a little more sensational than they were).  Maybe, if you’re lucky (and a little delusional) you’ll be able to see my characters walk into your favorite Sacramento bar.

Maybe, they’re already there.



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