Francisco – Our most recent college graduate from Berkeley.  He was a student of Professor Smith (now a Senator) and searching for work in Sacramento based on his dear friend Katharine’s recommendation.  At Cal, Frank was a member of a fraternity and active with the College Republicans.

Katharine – In Sacramento for a while now, she’s tired of working as a secretary and is losing hope that she’ll be promoted.  Although she’s a strong, capable, beautiful, talented, and smart woman, she has been lonely since leaving Berkeley.  She has not had luck in building new friendships in Sacramento and is glad to have the company of her old friend, Francisco.

Nicole – A few years ahead of Katharine and Francisco, Nicole has been in town working hard in the political industry for a few years.  She is a social butterfly but hasn’t built many deep friendships amongst her colleagues.  Instead, she has developed a reputation for being the Fag Hag of Sacramento, at least in her own mind.

Alberto – A student at Sac State and go-go dancer at Faces Nightclub.  He’s hot, young, Latino, and ambitious.  He’s confident and wise beyond his years–if anyone would take a very young go-go boy seriously.

Senator Smith – A Republican California State Senator.  Previously, Smith taught political science classes at UC Berkeley where he was known to mentor his students–especially the moderate Republicans.  He was a favorite professor of Francisco’s.  Smith, because of his work prior to his stint in the legislature, is well-respected on both sides of the aisle.

Kay Gasson – The Director of the Governor’s Office of Planning and Research.  She’s a friend of Senator Smith’s.  Based on his recommendation, she hired Francisco.

Mark Beauchamp  – An avid bicyclist and a frequent barfly at the Bolt.  He’s a competitor for Mr. Bolt 2012.

Erik – A friend and mentor to Mark.


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